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So who’s paid the best wage in Belgium?

New figures from the Belgian economy ministry show that the average Belgian worker earned 3,300 euros a month before tax in 2013. People working in Brussels earn 16% more than the national average. A full ten percent of all workers made less than 2,049 euros a month before tax in that year. The ten percent […]

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Wage watchers: How much does a sales co-ordinator earn?

We asked Robin, 25, from Antwerp how much she earns and how she spends it. – What do you do for work? – I’m a sales and office co-ordinator and also the personal assistant to the CEO at an SME in Antwerp. I earn €1,550 net per month. – Do you like your job? – […]

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Wage Watchers: How much does an administrative clerk earn?

– We ask Valerie De Cock, 42, from Merelbeke how much she makes and how she spends it. – What do you do? – I work as a billing adviser, which means that I co-ordinate the invoicing. It’s an interim position right now, but soon I’m getting a permanent contract and I’ll earn more than […]

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Wage watchers: how much does a prisoner earn?

In Belgian prisons, according to De Standaard in 2012, 3,665 of the 11,100 prisoners worked jobs. Altogether, those prisoners who worked earned about €600,000 a month, roughly €163 per prisoner. The 2,000 prisoners who do household work such as cleaning, cooking and laundry get paid an average of €143 per month. Their exact salary depends […]

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