Update on 16/02/2022

Travel into Belgium is generally allowed if you hold EU passport, residence permit or visa D. If you are in the possession of visa C (tourism) issued before 03/20 then you may have a risk of not being let into the plane. If you have a vaccination proof  and/or  a PCR test you can enter […]

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More and more schools scan kids using special barcodes

The number of primary schoolsin the centre of Brussels which use scanners to check children in and out are ever-growing. The pupils receive a barcode sticker to place on their schoolbag that is scanned when they enter and leave the premises. It is a pilot project to ease up the level of administration and to […]

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Most of Belgians believe in the advantages of EU membership

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Parliament, nearly two-thirds of Belgians (64%) believe that membership in the European Union is a good thing. Despite the recent Brexit decision, confidence in the EU is on the rise across the region, with 57% of Europeans saying they believe in the added value of Union membership. […]

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French expats in Belgium voted for Macron

The vast majority of French with Belgian Citizenship, Residence permit In Belgium and Permanent residence in Belgium on Sunday supported the centre-right presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. Marine Le Pen, the second largest candidate in France, took the fifth place in Belgium with 7.3% of the votes. In total, 16,412 French voters in Belgium voted for […]

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On Sunday Belgian Turks voted in historic referendum

The vast majority of Turks with Belgian Citizenship, Residence permit In Belgium and Permanent residence in Belgium voted ‘yes’ in a referendum for the expansion of President Erdogan’s power. Nearly 70% voted ‘yes’ in Brussels and about 80% in Antwerp, and 75% for whole Belgium, reports Bruzz. These figures put Belgium among the leaders in […]

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