This is the new 20-euro bill


The European Central Bank introduces the new 20-euro note. It differs from the other notes: He has a new security windows.
On November 25, consumers can in Germany and other countries in the euro zone for the first time keep the new 20-euro bill in his hands. The new bill was “a real innovation,” said Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), who introduced the bill on Tuesday in Frankfurt am Main. The reason for this is the new safety feature, a hologram contained in “Portrait” window.
The window will clear if the bill was being held up to the light, Draghi said. Published simultaneously with a portrait of the mythological figure Europe that is visible from both sides of the bill. As the new five- and ten-euro bills, the new 20-euro note, therefore, also a “Emerald-number” and a portrait of Europe in the watermark.
In the fall, the ECB will publish a specially developed computer game to closer match the appearance of the public.
According to Draghi is to ensure the “Portrait” window that euro notes continue to be “tamper-proof”, and strengthen public confidence in the single currency.
The 20-euro bill is one of the most widely used currency notes in the euro zone. Technical problems as the introduction of the five-euro bills that have not been recognized by many machines, the ECB wants to prevent at all costs. Therefore, vending machine operators, the new bills in advance with the national central banks to test.


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