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Tablets to save Brussels city council 100,000 pages of printing each year


Each member of Brussels city council will be given a tablet computer as a way of making “savings on paper, ink, fuel and labour”, it has been announced.
The initiative comes from the Brussels councillor in charge of technology, Mohamed Ouriaghli, who said: “This measure is part of the Smart City policy and fits in with the city’s commitment to sustainable development. The relationship between new technologies and our operational needs will enable us to achieve significant economies of scale.”
The city piloted Ouriaghli’s plan with the help of a small number of councillors before it was implemented across the board. Now, 50 tablets will be purchased at a cost of about €24,000.
“Currently there are 100,000 pages of documents printed annually that must then be brought by someone by car to the office. That journey adds up to 3,000km per year,” Ouriaghli said.
“Thanks to a Sharepoint app on the tablet all of that is no more. The councillors then have anytime, anywhere access to digital documents. The drivers will get another job with the city.”

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