Homage to Brussels terrorist attack victims

On the second-month anniversary of the attacks on Brussels Airport and Maelbeek metro station, a ceremony was held in the royal palace in memory of the 32 people who died and the many who were injured.

Some 500 people attended, including members of the royal family and all ministers of the federal government. King Filip addressed the audience, made up mainly of survivors and relatives of the dead, whose names were read out.
“We have shown how strong our society is,” he said. “Strengthened by your courage, your values, your dignity, strengthened by the bonds with the people around you, which have grown stronger in these dark days. You did not give in. You were touched in the depth of your heart, yet your response is still loving and generous.”
Prime minister Charles Michel also addressed the crowd. “We are grateful to all those who saved lives: first responders who were present on the ground quickly and without self-interest, and the doctors and nurses who achieved miracles to help the injured,” he said. “These women and men are the proof that courage can be found in all of us. That, too, offers hope for the future.”


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