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Government aid for Brussels business owners


During a meeting on Wednesday between the Brussels government and the social partners, several measures were put forward to provide emergency relief to businesses suffering from the effects of the March terror attacks in the capital. These include a free public transport pass for tourists, a budget of €400,000 to boost security in concert and event halls and a platform to provide financial aid to companies, writes De Morgen.
“An exceptional situation calls for exceptional measures,” said minister-president Rudi Vervoort after a news conference, referring to a temporary waiver of the hotel tax and €5 million in aid for companies on the verge of bankruptcy due to the recent attacks.
Economy minister Didier Gosuin credited two organisations in particular for making the financial aid possible: the Brussels Guarantee Fund and the Brussels Regional Investment Company (BRIC).
Struggling small businesses are eligible for €20,000, and larger companies for up to €200,000.

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