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Electric scooter-sharing scheme to launch in Brussels

A self-service electric scooter sharing scheme, called Scooty, will launch in Brussels in September.

Users will have the choice between a subscription-based payment and pay-as-you-go. Additionally, Scooty will offer package deals to businesses that are interested in offering the scooters to their employees to get to and from work.
Scooty says in its launch announcement: “Users can locate, hire and start their scooter via a mobile app, at any time of day or night. The scooters will all be equipped with a helmet and other useful accessories, in order to make the service accessible to anyone with a smartphone.”

Initially, the scooters will only be accessible in an area bordered by Brussels Central Station, Avenue Louise and the European Quarter. If successful, that area could be extended to the entire region.
“Then we might think of growing to other cities and countries,” said Scooty founder Bram Vandeperre.

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