Belgians living 218 days longer


The life expectancy of a person born in Belgium is 218 days longer than it was two years ago, the Federal Public Service Economy has announced. Today the average Belgian lives to be 81.07 years old, according to De Standaard.

Over the past 20 years life expectancy has risen sharply in Belgium, on average growing 0.2, or 72 days, longer each year. This year’s significant rise can be explained by a 4.2% drop in the number of registered deaths as well as a continued slow growth of the total population.

Men progressed more than women, according to the analysis, gaining 228 days compared to 215 days for women. However, women still live longer than men, with an average lifespan of 83.5 years compare to the 78.56 years for men.

Differences between Belgium’s regions were also found. Flanders added 244 days on to the average lifespan, while Wallonia and Brussels added only 187 and 181 days respectively.

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