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Apartment sales in Brussels continue to rise

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Thanks to the growing demand for housing in the European capital and a decline in prices, the sale of apartments in Brussels is on the rise, reports the website Bouw&Wonen. The demand for housing in Brussels remains high for several reasons, according to the website, one of which is that Brussels has been polishing up its image, making it attractive again for young people..


As in the rest of Belgium, real estate prices in Brussels shot up over the past decade, but now the market is slowly levelling out. Brussels has not escaped this trend, which is reinforced by falling interest rates and low inflation. The conclusion: real estate in Brussels is becoming even more valuable, while the median price of an apartment is on the decline. The cost of a houses or villa in Brussels last year went up by 2.9% to €360,000. The median price of an apartment in the same time, however, decreased by 2.6% to €185,000.

The demand for apartments in the city remains high, with 9,000 apartments sold in 2014. Most transactions took place in Brussels City and Jette.



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