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The number of cyclists in Brussels grew up


According to the figures in the annual report for 2016 from regional parking agency parking.brussels about 1,000 extra cyclists took to the streets of Brussels in the past year.

The report claims there are 22,464 cyclists in the Brussels region – more than double the 9,500 recorded in 2008. However cycle use still only accounts for 4% of all journeys made.

According to the study, bike racks across the city are at saturation point and almost a third of people living in Brussels say they do not have room in their home for a bike.

The report also claims that car ownership in the city has fallen, from 514,000 in 2015 to 486,000 last year, as more people are using car-sharing schemes and ride-sharing services.

The average family in Brussels uses a car for 35 minutes a day, the parking.brussels study suggests.


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