On Sunday Belgian Turks voted in historic referendum


The vast majority of Turks with Belgian Citizenship, Residence permit In Belgium and Permanent residence in Belgium voted ‘yes’ in a referendum for the expansion of President Erdogan’s power.
Nearly 70% voted ‘yes’ in Brussels and about 80% in Antwerp, and 75% for whole Belgium, reports Bruzz.
These figures put Belgium among the leaders in the number of yes-votes in the Turkish diaspora, after Jordan and Lebanon.
The majority of Turkish voters in Belgium’s neighbouring countries also voted ‘yes’, unlike the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States, which saw a clear victory for the ‘no’ camp.
The victory of the ‘yes’ camp did not come as a surprise in Belgium, where the AKP, the party of President Erdogan, scored well in previous elections.
In Turkey itself, about 51.4% of the voters approved the constitutional shift to an expansion of presidential powers.

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