French expats in Belgium voted for Macron


The vast majority of French with Belgian Citizenship, Residence permit In Belgium and Permanent residence in Belgium on Sunday supported the centre-right presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. Marine Le Pen, the second largest candidate in France, took the fifth place in Belgium with 7.3% of the votes.
In total, 16,412 French voters in Belgium voted for Macron, which corresponds to 35.5% percent of the votes, reports RTBF.
With 22.5% of the votes in Belgium, the right-wing candidate François Fillon came in second place, followed by the left-wing populist Jean-Luc Mélenchon in third place with 20.4%.
Socialist Benoît Hamon was fourth with 9.5% of the votes in Belgium. Only 7.3% of the French Belgians voted for Marine Le Pen, who finished in second place in France.
According to figures from the French embassy, there are about 91,500 French citizens in Belgium, and 46,000 of them live in Brussels.

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