East Belgium is a new name for German-speaking Community of Belgium


The name ‘German-speaking Community of Belgium’ will no longer be used in reference to the rolling, green region in the East Cantons, reports De Morgen.
Henceforth it will be referred to as Ostbelgien, or East Belgium. The new brand was presented today in St Vith.
With the new name, the region aims to develop its image as an interesting tourist destination, as well as an efficient and sustainable place to live.
According to minister-president Olivier Paasch, the name change was a necessity because it was the rather bureaucratic sounding name.
“Due to relatively low birth rates and an ageing population, there is not enough manpower to replace workers who retire. So we have to rely on immigration, mainly from the neighbouring regions. In addition, investment and the arrival of companies to the area are crucial for our future.”

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