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Digital ID card for pupils in Dutch-speaking schools

Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits has announced that every pupil in Dutch-speaking schools will get a digital ID card by 2019.

It will contain information about marks and specifics related to every pupil such as learning disabilities or special needs. This will help to quickly pass information with from one school to another when a child changes schools.

The new measure, meant to come into force by 1 January, 2019, is part of the minister’s goal of reducing the amount of paperwork facing school staff and teachers in the region.

“We need to make as much use of digital opportunities as possible” – said Crevits and emphasised that only “indispensable” information would need to be recorded on the ID, “such as reading problems”.

Anything parents wanted to keep private, however, would be left off the card.

From Flanders Today


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