Brussels residents will be tought how to react in an emergency


“Responding to Emergencies” is a two-hour free course that began at the weekend in the Heliport fire department in Brussels North district.

It is opened to all interested Brussels residents, people with Permanent residence in Belgium or EU Passport, everyone who wants to get more information and to learn about the best practices in case of emergency.

The first four sessions are already fully booked, but registration is still possible, writes Bruzz.

The sessions are an initiative of Cécile Jodogne, state secretary responsible for emergency medical assistance.
According to Jodogne, such emergency courses are in high demand in Brussels.

“The primary purpose is to inform people about what to do,” she says, “so they can be the first to react while waiting for the arrival of emergency services.”

The Responding to Emergencies course is provided by the Brussels-Capital Region in collaboration with the Red Cross, the Brussels Fire Department and the regional Institute for Urgent Medical Assistance.

It is the second time that the Region organises the course. The first edition, launched shortly after the 2016 terror attacks in Brussels, drew nearly 2,000 participants.

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