Broadband access in Belgium is among top three best in EU


Belgium is in the third place with the quality of broadband access in the European Union.
It is mentioned in the European Commission report.
The report also shows that Belgian companies demonstrate superior technology integration.
According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), fast broadband connections are available virtually everywhere in Belgium.
In addition, 81% of Belgian connections have a speed of at least 30 Mbps, compared with an EU average of 37%. Tourists, persons with EU Citizenship, EU Passport, as well as citizens of other countries can evaluate and compare the quality of Internet services in Belgium and other EU countries
The Netherlands and Luxembourg are at the first and second places in terms of connectivity.
One of Belgium’s weak points, however, is mobile connectivity. Only 68 in 100 people have mobile Internet access, far below the European average of 84%.
Overall, the DESI shows that Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands have the most advanced digital economies in the EU, followed by Luxembourg, Belgium, the UK and Ireland.

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