Belgium is at the fifth place for emergency care


The UK website Clinic Compare presented new research on the best and worst countries for emergency medical services.
The Study was dedicated to World Health Day that will be celebrated on the 7th of April
The results contains information about 135 countries, providing a definitive ranking of the best and worst places to need urgent medical care.
For the study, Clinic Compare analysed key medical data points such as competency of hospital staff, equipment and waiting times.
The findings reveal that Monaco is the country with the best overall medical service, while the UK and US failed to make the top 20, ranking 24th and 26th, respectively, based on prohibitive costs and long waiting lists.
Belgium comes in fifth place in the ranking, and is especially praised for the skill of its medical staff, use of the latest equipment and location convenience which translates into quick access to a hospital in the event of an emergency.

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