Belgian government launches new campaign for Belgium’s image boosting


A major marketing campaign that will help Belgium to boost its image, both at home and abroad has been already launched by the federal government, writes De Morgen.
The official website of this campaign gives 99 reasons to visit Belgium, to get Residence permit in Belgium, Citizenship of Belgium or to invest here and demonstrates how ‘uniquely phenomenal’ the country is.
The campaign, which will run for two years, includes a dedicated website and posters spread out over Belgium’s largest cities, airports and railway stations.
The website provides readers, in four languages, with 99 good reasons to (re)discover Belgium and its art, gastronomy, tourism, sport and culture, or simply enjoy a taste of “the good life”.
The campaign also aims to convince foreign investors of Belgium’s qualities, with a particular focus on the neighbouring countries, as well as Canada, China, Japan and the United States.

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