Belgian beer survey shows new trends in beer-drinking

glasses of beer

The results of an annual nationwide study show how Belgians changed their tastes and habits in beer-drinking.
Beer appreciation is at an all-time high according to Beer & Society’s 12th annual Beer Barometer, based on responses from a self-selecting sample of 8,000 people.

Beer remains the drink of choice in cafes, nightclubs and at family get-togethers. For the first time this year, at cocktail parties and receptions, beer (40%) has overtaken champagne (35%) as the preferred tipple.

Diners in restaurants are also increasingly opting for beer over wine. The study found 39% of people drank beer with a restaurant meal, compared with just 18% a decade ago. Wine remains the most popular in restaurants, but fell from 70% to 54% over the same period. At the family dinner table, non-alcoholic drinks are the most common choice.

The study also shows that Belgian beer drinkers’ tastes are changing. While the classic pilsner remains the most popular brew, on 27.5%, its popularity has fallen from 41% over the past decade with trappist, craft and micro-brews all gaining market share.


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