Belgian beer has been approved by Unesco as cultural world heritage


Unesco reported that considers beer an integral part of Belgian culture and announced about inclusion it to the list of world intangible heritage.
This is stated on the organization’s official website. They are convinced that the beer is an integral part of Belgian culture. It is not only drink but food as well. Particularly it is used for making cheese. There are many beer festivals in Belgium and there is a museum dedicated to beer. Belgium has more than two hundred breweries, which brew a half thousand varieties of this drink.
“Belgium has won the world cup for beer culture,” said Flemish culture minister Sven Gatz, formerly director of the Belgian Brewers federation. “This is a really fine accolade for everyone in this country who is working with beer.”
“We have a suitable beer for every occasion,” Gatz said. “We drink beer as a thirst-quencher after an exhilarating walk, during a friendly evening in the local pub, or as part of our gastronomy. In Belgium, beer does not have to give way to wine or other drinks in terms of quality and diversity. We love our beer and appreciate its endless diversity, something that cannot be equalled anywhere else in the world.”
The application for inclusion on the list of intangible heritage was made jointly by the three communities – Flemish, French-speaking and German.

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