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Average salary in Belgium

According to the latest survey based on almost 50 000 responses, a full-time employee in Belgium earns on average €3,100 gross per month,.

The research has been carried out every year since 1998 – but only covers Brussels and Flanders, not Wallonia.

When the study began 20 years ago, the average monthly salary was 100,000 francs – or about €2,500. In 2008, as the financial crisis struck, the figure was about the same – and over the past decade it has risen by about 25%.

The top 10% of earners who took part in the study earned more than €5,350 gross per month. Lawyers, researchers and managers were most likely to fall into this category.

The lowest-paid 10% earned less than €2,085 gross. They are mainly administrative staff, workers in the catering sector, as well as people in the creative and communications industries.

The best median monthly salary (€4,000) can be found in pharmaceuticals. The lowest (€2,500) was in tourism, sport and leisure.


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