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A simplified form of obtaining a residence permit for non-EU citizens

Citizens of countries outside of the EU who have been offered a job in Belgium will soon have an easier time getting their residency permits.

The legislative update has been already approved by the Foreign Affairs Commission and is now awaiting approval by the Chamber.As a result, one form should be approved instead of two separate procedures.

Currently, a work permit has to be obtained before a residency permit can be requested. Complicating the situation is that the work permit has to be obtained at the regional level, while the residency permits are issued at the federal level.

If the legislative change passes the Chamber, both permits will be requested and issued simultaneously by the region in which the applicant works. Employers will be tasked with assisting employees in filing the application.

EU citizens – plus citizens of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – require no residency or work permits to live and work in Belgium.


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