Company Registration in Belgium


Migration of EU company to Belgium

  1. To form a company in Belgium we need to get a Business plan using the special proforma and ensure that you have enough at the bank account for the company’s planned activities as per this business plan. There is no minimum capital, but the latter should be adequate for the activities as per business plan. We open a blocked company account for you to transfer this capital into, and it is unblocked once the company is registered or else in one month the funds are transferred back to the payer.
  2. Notary and Ministry of Economy fees are ±1300 EUR, our registration fees are 900 EUR, visit to Notary to sign the company registration by a proxy from you and to the Ministry of Economy agency and the statutory business plan are included.
  3. Legal address in Brussels or Wallonia, will cost from 60 EUR per month, 6 months prepayment (see www.ohof.be)
  4. VAT registration, if needed, 100 EUR +60 EUR fee + EORI registration free.
  5. Accounting: from 80 EUR per month, depending on complexity. If you are a VAT-registered company with planned turnover <2m per year you have to submit five VAT reports per year normally, that is every quarter plus annual. Every company must also submit annual tax declaration by 27/09 and publish annual report with the Bank of Belgium by 31/08.
  6. Shelf company in Belgium: from 2999 EUR. If you take the company as is then only a fee of 169 EUR applies to register the changes. If we need to adapt the activities, change name or capital then a visit to the notary is required and the fees for changes will be 1200 EUR +- charged by Notary and the State.
  7. Nominal Director: as per agreement and per prior discussion
  8. We can help with other types of business setup, including representative office, branch, non-profit associations (ASBL/AISBL), partnerships. EU VAT number to non-Belgian companies.
  9. Branch/Representative office will cost essentially the same, but may take 2 weeks longer.
  10. We can help transfer the company address from one EU jurisdiction to Belgium.
  11. We provide help with Residence permits help, schooling, medical help in Belgium and other countries in the world. Please see euresidence.me
  12. If you want to migrate your existing EU company to Belgium please get in touch with us. This process has three steps. First, we must have a copy of your founding documents to prepare the draft of the Belgian ‘Statuts’, then you send the required decisions and the power of attorney to us, the we sign on your behalf, with the Notary, the decision of the founders to move the company to Belgium and to adapt the new statuts. Since that day your company is considered registered. It will take around 2-3 months before the publication will be visible in the Belgium State Paper (Moniteur Belge- Belgium Staatsblad). You will need to submit your accounts to the National Bank of Belgium within three months. The cost of the procedure is 800 EUR (our fee- bulk discount possible) and 1300 EUR Notary fee, only.

To register a company, we need a copy of your ID (passport), your current legal address, diploma copy of the future director, proposed name (3 versions), list of all projected activities, also a mention of whether you will be present to sign the Foundation agreement or you would like to sign by proxy, proposed capital and how much will be paid in, list of founders with the shares partition between them.





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