Buying property in Belgium

In partnership with the real estate agency Sorimo, we are working on the real estate market in prestigious residential districts in the east of Brussels (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Auderghem, Watermael-Boitsfort, Kraainem, Evere).

An advantage of the Brussels real estate market is its stability. Despite some seasonal fluctuations, it has been showing a moderate rise in prices without any sharp falls. As a price indicator, a good, 190 sqm apartment in Evere, near NATO and the airport, would cost 1,600-1,700 euro per sqm. A standard price per sqm in the east of Brussels in a standard 100 sqm. flat in a good condition is 2,000-2,500 euro per sqm. On the top of that, you would have to add about 14-17% of the cost for notarial services and taxes. Good rental price is 10 euro per sqm per month.

Much depends on the condition of the house, and if you buy a house in need of capital repairs, you can earn good money on it. For example, if you buy a 180 sqm house in need of major repairs for 250,000 euro and invest 40,000 euro in its renovation, you can gain at least 50,000 euro in the value of the house.

Converting offices into flats has become a popular trend. In Brussels, with a budget starting from 500,000 euro, one can earn at least 10-15% annual interest, which is more attractive than mere renting out of residential real estate (3-4%).

If you buy real estate in Belgium, we will help you to obtain a mortgage loan covering 70-75% of your purchase’s value. If you have a Belgian residence permit it will help to increase the loan percentage. As of September 2014, the interest rate is less than 3% per annum for your first home

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