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Salon du Chocolat in Brussels


Sixth edition of the main chocolate and cocoa event Salon du Chocolat will be held at Tour
The international trade fair and gourmet event with more than 130 stands is an opportunity to meet the best of the best makers of pralines, chocolate bars and cakes.

Visitors can listen to talks by some of Belgium’s inspiring master chocolatiers, attend conferences on chocolate and cocoa and enjoy chocolate pairings with beer, coffee, wine, whisky and rum, as well as trying their hand at creating their own confections at chocolate workshops.

In addition to the activities for adults, the fair offers fun for children, with workshops at Chocoland specifically designed for a younger audience.

The traditional catwalk fashion show on Saturday and Sunday at 17.00 is a chance to see dresses composed of chocolate elements that fit this year’s nature theme. Each creation is signed by a designer and chocolatier.


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