Residency-by-investment today. Kuwait. Hong Kong. Namibia.

?? Kuwait’s own residency visa program.

Kuwait plans to launch a residency visa program for foreign investors and expats. The program offers long-term residency for eligible individuals who meet investment and financial requirements, including property or business ownership. Details are yet to be announced.

?? Hong Kong relaunching residency-by-investment program.

Hong Kong is relaunching its residency by investment program to attract wealthy foreign investors and boost the economy. The program was suspended in 2020 and will offer permanent residency for those who invest in the city and meet specific requirements. The program details are still being developed, and it’s expected to launch in 2023.

?? Namibia launches residency-by-investment program.

Namibia has launched its first residency-by-investment program to attract foreign investors and their families. The program requires a minimum investment of NAD 1.5 million (approximately USD 98,000) in an approved business or property, among other requirements. The aim is to attract foreign investment and support economic growth in the country.

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