Opportunities in different countries

?? The Irish government has closed its investor residency program over concerns about its effectiveness and potential abuse. Alternative options are available and it is important to explore programs that suit your needs. Contact us for help.

?? New opportunities to obtain a Grenada passport through investments with guaranteed income and buyouts. Investments from $220K or real estate from $350K. Visa-free entry to 180 countries, the possibility of selling real estate after 5 years, and obtaining citizenship for the family. Online passport application process.

?? You can get a residence permit in Bulgaria in 2023 with benefits such as citizenship after 5 years, affordable housing, free education and recognition of Bulgarian academic degrees in EU countries.
Foreigners can obtain a residence permit by being a pensioner, starting a business, marrying a Bulgarian citizen, investing in real estate or developing rural areas. The procedure may take time, but it’s a great opportunity to live and work in Europe while enjoying Bulgaria’s beautiful resorts.

?? The new German Opportunities Card visa for skilled workers will require four criteria to be met:
• recognized education,
• three years of experience,
• knowledge of the German language or previous place of residence,
• as well as age under 35 years.
The system is expected to be up and running by the end of 2023 with an online application process and an annual immigration cap. Job search time will be limited, and the lack of work may lead to departure from Germany.

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