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Having a baby in Belgium


The Belgian healthcare system provides a high degree of support during and after pregnancy, regardless of your health insurance policy or provider.

Partena, a Belgian company offering health and social security coverage and advice to expats, expands on what to expect when having a baby in Belgium. Here are some details:

In Belgium, gynaecologists play a pivotal role throughout the pregnancy and at the birth.

If you haven’t already got a gynaecologist in Belgium, there are several organisations which can provide one free of charge: the Flemish Kind en Gezin the Brussels Childbirth Trust or the French Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance.

All have websites in English and also offer all sorts of pre and post natal support and parenting information.

If don’t have health insurance – many of the pregnancy costs can be covered by the safety net provided at the Public Social Welfare Centre Les Centres Publics d’Action Sociale in the French speaking community or Openbaar Centrum voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn, in Flanders.


Maternity leave

Maternity leave regulations and allowances differ for employed, unemployed and self employed mothers.

If you’re employed or unemployed but covered by the Belgian social security system, you’re entitled to 15 weeks of paid maternity leave or 19 weeks if you’re having twins or multiple babies.

If you’re self employed it’s down to 12 weeks and 13 weeks for multiple babies.
Reimbursement is in the region of 82% of your gross salary for the first 30 days with no upper limit.
After then it drops to 75% with an upper limit of 139 Euros a day.

The regulation details can be quite confusing, and may leave you out of pocket if not adhered to. The Partena mutuality has a specialist expat division, which offers help and advice on all aspects of pregnancy in English should you need it.

You’re also entitled to paid maternity and paternity leave if you’re adopting a child. The amount depends on the age of your child, so it’s best to check details with your policy provider.

You should register baby’s birth at your local town hall within the first 15 days of their arrival and also at your consulate if you’re an expat, taking your hospital certificate and ID cards of both parents.


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