How to obtain Residence Permit and Passport in Belgium

We will help you obtain a Residence Permit in Belgium. It normally leads to Belgium’s nationality and Belgian Paspport

Since 2011 we have helped dozens of high quality clients like you to move over to Belgium and other countries in Europe and in South America.

Our video guide on Residence Permit in Belgium.

Hassle-free, via Work Permit and More Economical, via Company Creation or Business Purchase.


Via Work Permit from a Foreign Company

The first way is much faster and takes four months, but it is more expensive in the long run, as you pay more tax.

Via Business Creation
or Purchase

The other way takes 6-12 months, requires you to buy or to create a business that will be profitable for the next five-six years, though is cheaper in the longer run.


Via Business Creation
or Purchase

The other way takes 6-12 months, requires you to buy or to create a business that will be profitable for the next five-six years, though is cheaper in the longer run.

Residence Permit Belgium

Whatever the route you take, you have the right to apply for Belgian citizenship in five years since the date of your first arrival. Your application will take only four months, the maximum defined by law. The only stage you need to pass before is to obtain the Permanent Residence status that is given after five years. Your children under 18 will receive the nationality automatically with you.

The first route assumes that you work for an established company that has real business activity outside of Belgium and decides to post you to Belgium. We will apply on your behalf in Belgium for your Work Permit combined with Residence Permit (Permis Unique). You should have a diploma, your company financial statements, website, police and medical clearance.

The second route means you will invest into an existing business or create one on your own in Belgium. It takes considerably longer to get approved this way and we must demonstrate how your business will bring value to the economy: job creation, export, investments, new products. This route, however, you pay less tax in the long run. If you plan investing less than 100 000 EUR it may be hard to succeed.

If you want your residence hassle-free, you need to choose the Work Permit route: in 5 months you may have your first ID.
If you want to save or have a business plan for a lucrative activity then choose Professional Card and own a business.
Whatever route you choose we will guide you hand-in-hand and will help obtain the same status for your family.

The Process

Work Permit: You obtain legalized and translated Police Clearance covering last five years, Medical Clearance using approved doctors, financial statements and power of attorney and your company director’s ID, commercial license, medical insurance, your passport copy and your diploma and send it to us by courrier.

We apply on your behalf. Within a month we get work permit authorisation, then within three months- Residence clearance and so you may go get your visa D in the embassy of Belgium where you live.

With this Visa  D you arrive for a full week to settle in Belgium and obtain your ID.

Professional card: We prepare a compelling business plan whilst you take care of your police clearance legalized and translated. You apply for Professional Card in the Embassy of Belgium. Once it is approved you get visa D with which you fly into Belgium for settlement to receive your first ID. This process is 6-18 months long.


To learn more about our fees please fill in the form here. We provide discounts if you apply together with friends and if you decide early.

Government fees:

Work Permit route: 138 EUR per application, 90 EUR for the visa D and 130 EUR for Residence permit when in Belgium

Professional card route: 140+180 EUR for the professional card, 90 EUR for the visa, 138 EUR Immigration office, 130 EUR- Residence Permit card.

Family Reunification fee: Your partner pays the same fees except for work permit and can only apply once you are established in Belgium. Our family reunification charge is 2000 EUR and is independent of the number of your family members: partner and children under 21.

Your Family

Attention! Your family members can receive their residence permits only after you have received yours and after you have started your business. It may take anything between 1 week and 6 months for them to receive the visa D after which they may follow you to Belgium. If you work with us it is almost certain that they will get their visa D within a week.

Where Do I Get My Professional Card, Visa D and the Residence Permit (PR, TRP or ID)?

Work Permit is no longer a separate document. If your Residence Permit is approved and you get your visa D at the embassy of Belgium, it usually means that you are authorised to work for at least four years. This authorisation is joint responsibility of regional ministry of economy and the federal ministry of interior.

Your Professional Card decision is normally taken by the regional ministry in charge of  employment depending on what Region of Belgium your company will be situated: Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia. Once it is approved, this ministry notifies the Embassy in the country where you live and you may get your visa D.

Your ID can only be issued when you arrive to Belgium with your visa D, at the local municipality (Commune or Gemeente).

Your Residence permit gives you and your family access to high-quality medical services and to free schooling in local languages.

We guide you till you have received your Residence Permit in Belgium.

How to Renew Residence Permit in Belgium

If you have work permit: you should renew your ID every year providing proof that salary and taxes are paid (form 281.10). Renewal process may take a few weeks so you should plan ahead.

If you have Professional Card, your renewal process will take 2-4 months. First, you have to renew your Professional Card: the conditions for renewal are absence of debts and regularity of reporting, as well as certain economic activity (for the first renewal you should show you have started doing something). You are not obliged to hire locals though this helps renewal, if you have created at least one or two jobs.

Once your Professional Card is renewed, you present it to the local municipality that will request the approval of the Residence Permit and so your card will be renewed. You may need to come to the municipality twice for that.


After five years since the day of your first arrival you are eligible to demand the Permanent Residence Permit (séjour illimité), which will not be dependent on any work permit or authorization, and with that in hand you can immediately demand the Citizenship.

The key requirements for Belgian Citizenship are: Permanent Residence status (card type B), legal presence in the country for at least five consecutive years (i.e. be registered at an address in Belgium-you don’t need to spend all this time in Belgium), working for at least two years and social integration. Whilst there is no obligation to pass a language exam of a certain level you should be able to navigate in the 200-300 daily words of French or Dutch, and a test of advanced beginner (A2 level) is advisable.

You will receive a response on your Belgian Citizenship application  normally within four months- this limit is set by law.

If you are refused then you can find an appeal. The grounds for refusal (determined as a Negative opinion of the Royal Persecution office) are often hidden, but we know that if you have had traffic violations or had a police court hearing for any serious case, then the Magistrate is most likely to play against you.

If you apply for Belgian Citizenship you will not need to renounce your original citizenship.

Your Belgian Passport will be normally issued within four to six weeks since the expiration of the four months period starting the day you lodge your application for Belgian nationality.

Can I Apply?

For all inquiries please call  +32474433535 (VIP line) or WhatsApp +32460245140 or contact us by e-mail.

For detailed discussion please fill in the questionnaire using the link below and try to describe your motivation with regards to the Residence Permit in Belgium!

Advantages of Belgium Residence Permit


Fast route to passport (possible in 5-6 years after first arrival). Fast family reunification at any moment.


No need to stay in Belgium all the time, so you can manage your business online.


Possibility to obtain fiscal Non-Resident status to avoid having to report worldwide income.


Great medical care and other advantages of a successful nation for your taxes.

Residence Permit in Europe


If you are looking for any Residence Permit leading to citizenship in the future, then we may advise Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal, the latter being the least troublesome. You will not need necessarily by expensive property: a working company is good enough.

If you only need some residence permit in Europe and you do not necessarily need to obtain passport then you may want to look at Estonia (fastest residence permit for five years in just four months), Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

We also offer help in Paraguay and Uruguay, that also have very powerful passports in the top-40 of the world. You will need to fly to Paraguay to start the procedure, but the requirements are easy and it takes five years till citizenship.