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Experiment with 3D pedestrian crossings on Flanders roads

  A three-dimensional zebra crossing on several roads in Flanders is an experiment aim to slow drivers down. Three locations were selected by the Flemish roads agency AWV to take part within the experiment – Antwerp, Beersel (Flemish Brabant) and Bilzen (Limburg province). Different colors and optical illusions give the impression that the pedestrian crossing […]

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Five pop-up bars will be reopened in Brussels parks

  The start of the summer season in Brussels parks will be associated with the opening of summer bars. They will be serving drinks and local organic food. The pop-up bars will also be the place for activities like yoga, dance classes and concerts, organised with the local community. In the EU district, the Guinguette […]

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Free seminar on 16 May: Start your own business in Belgium

  A popular expat event (in English) will be held on 16 May. Attendees will be able to learn everything to start-up their own businesses in Belgium. Now could be the ideal time: on 1 May, far reaching changes to Belgian company law come into force, making it easier and cheaper to set up a […]

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Belgium’s tourist attractions have reported excellent results

  Belgian coast has been attended by 1.2 million visitors during Easter holidays. Regional tourism agency Westtoer said the “beautiful weather” on the coast had been a major boost for visitor numbers. Belgians are using the Easter holidays as an opportunity to have a short vacation either within Belgium or to neighboring countries. There are […]

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SNCB may remain the sole railway operator next 10 years in Belgium

  Belgium’s rail market is due to be opened up to competition in 2023. The SNCB has begun lobbying for a 10-year extension of its monopoly on domestic rail travel in Belgium. This means the rail operator will remain the sole operator and the sole recipient of subsidies to run domestic train services. Such a […]

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Brussels Mini-Europe celebrates 30th anniversary this year

  This year is the 30th anniversary of Mini-Europe, one of the most beloved tourist attractions in Brussels. Special events take place throughout 2019. This week the park will get a few new exposures: – Rome’s glorious Trevi Fountain – Jan Van Eyck is painting a tiny Ghent Altarpiece. – Peter Paul Rubens applying the […]

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Belgium launching new nutrition rating system called nutri-score

  On Tuesday Belgium has officially started a new nutrition labelling system. Nutri-score system rates food on an A through E basis, with A being the healthiest. According to this system the rating of food is based on its ratio of proteins, fibres, vegetables and fruits to saturated fats, salt, calories and sugar. The system […]

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European Parliament voted to cancel daylight saving time change after 2021

  On Tuesday the European Parliament voted to remove the seasonal time change. The final changing is planned for the last Sunday of March 2021 for the countries that would like to keep summer time. For countries wishing to keep winter time, the final time changing will be in October of that year. It is […]

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Debate of Brussels’ youth ‘the Europe we want, the Europe we need’

  “The Europe we want, the Europe we need!” is the event initiated by Brussels’ two main unversities, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The event for young people on the future of the European Union took place on Wednesday. Young people talked about important EU issues. MEPs, journalists, academics and representatives were […]

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Look for a job in the Brussels periphery

  Flanders’ and Brussels’ jobs and training agencies – VDAB and Actiris, promote a campaign about applying for jobs in the periphery. The number of job vacancies in the municipalities that dot the Flemish ring around Brussels continues to grow. The campaign slogan is “New Job? Next Stop!”. It means that it is easy to […]

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